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L1C Fountain Light by Cal Pump

cal l1c light

Colored Lenses pictured are OPTIONAL and not included


250 watt halogen light w/ 20' cord and mounting bracket. The lamp is mounted in a stainless steel case with a heavy cast brass grill. Must be totally submersed in water for cooling, may not be recessed.

Features & Benefits:

  • 115 volt 250 watt tungsten halogen bulb
  • Amber, blue, green or red lenses available
  • Convenient swivel stand included for easy placement
  • Lamp mounted in stainless steel case with heavy cast brass grill
  • Must be totally submerged in water for cooling
  • Thermally protected
  • UL Listed for consumer confidence
  • Not for swimming pool use
  • Not to be recessed in any way

Part #
$ Price
L1C Clear replacement lens
Clear Lens for L1C light
cal l1c clear lens
cal L1C Amber replacement lens
Amber Lens for L1C light
cal l1c amber lans
Cal L1C Blue replacement lens
Blue Lens for L1C light
cal l1c blue lens
Cal L1c Green replacement lens
Green Lens for L1C light
cal l1c green lens
Cal L1C Red replacement lens
Red Lens for L1C light
cal l1c red lens
L1C replacement lens gasket
Lens Gasket for L1C light
cal l1c lens gasket
Cal L1C Halogen replacement bulbClick for larger view
250W - 120V Bulb for L1C
cal l1c light bulb

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