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Cal Lights for Fountains, Ponds, Waterfalls and Streams. Little Giant Low Voltage and LED Lights

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With the right lighting, water gardens can be enjoyed long after the sun sets. Light adds new dimension to landscapes and waterscapes as the white or colored hues play against the ripples of the water, magnify the pleasing effect of fountains or underscore the beauty of statues and other forms of garden art.

Little Giant Landscape Products' fully submersible fixtures allow you to accent underwater features or surface focal points, such as waterfalls or statuary fountains. Or, use them to create a special effects display that's customized to match any mood or theme. Alternate colors to reflect the changing seasons, birthdays and other special family celebrations, traditional holidays, wedding parties or even more casual affairs like a backyard barbecue.

Choose the clear, captivating light of halogen, the rich subtleties of LED or a combination - both options are available for optimum design freedom.

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